There was pandemonium at the AUD Primary School, Irona, Ado-Ekiti, as a lunatic chased teachers and pupils away and consolidated on the school as his abode.

A source said the lunatic had been chasing teachers and pupils with stones anytime he saw them within the school premises.

The madman had taken over no fewer than three classrooms, which he filled with refuse, while he had been sleeping in one of the classrooms.

The lunatic was said to have gained entrance into the school due to the collapse of the school fence.

It was also gathered that aside the lunatic, the school has become a hideout for suspected rapists, burglars and Indian hemp smokers.

The Head Teacher, Taibat Yusuf, told our correspondent that she had called for the intervention of the state government as the activities of the lunatic and suspected criminals increasingly constituted threats to learning.

Yusuf said, “We are calling on the state government to intervene and help us evacuate the lunatic from the school compound because of the threat he poses to pupils and staff.

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“The lunatic chases our pupils, throws stones at teachers and always threatens them. Teachers and pupils are always gripped by fear that he may invade their classrooms anytime, and this won’t make them to concentrate.

“Our school compound has been turned to a den of rapists, Indian hemp smokers and other criminals and this has led to the withdrawal of many pupils from the school.

“Besides, we want government to renovate the collapsing fence, which gives easy access to the lunatic and men of the underworld. Many of our classrooms have become dilapidated, and the school also needs a strong gate as a form of security for teachers and pupils.”

A teacher in the school who pleaded anonymity who lamented the sorry state of the school.

"Security of the teachers and their pupils is not guaranteed. The enrollment in the school has dropped from over 150 pupils to less than 30 because of all these problems.

“We want the police and Civil Defence officers to come here and arrest the lunatic. Besides, government should also employ a day security man and a night watchman to guard the school.

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