A Nigerian lady of the night has been sent to an early grave by her insane client in Ghana.

Tina, was murdered by a 34-year-old man, Isaac Sackey, for allegedly stealing GH¢120 after he poked her.

Sackey handed himself over to the police after stabbing Tina in the stomach and thigh.

He was said to have approached Tina for sex at a drinking spot in Accra. The two were said to have agreed on a fee for the service before heading to Sackey’s house where they spent the night.

Sackey told the Accra Regional Police Command that he had gone to the bathroom to freshen up at about 2am, leaving the woman in the bedroom. He claimed that when he returned he saw the Nigerian going through his belongings and realised that GH¢120 cash had been stolen.

He told the police that he immediately accused the woman of stealing the money but she denied it.

An argument ensued and Tina was said to have taken a kitchen knife from the man’s room and threatened to stab him. But the man overpowered the lady and accidentally stabbed.

Sackey locked his room and then went to the Psychiatric Hospital to report the issue where he was directed by the hospital authorities to report himself to the police.

The body of the victim was found lying in a pool of blood Sackey's apartment.

A careful assessment of the body by the police revealed that the victim had a knife wound in the stomach and on the thigh, indicating that she had been stabbed twice.

The body has since been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue for preservation.