Nigerian students are wondering why despite the high number of security operatives attached to the National Assembly, the embarrassing snatching of the Senate mace was successfully achieved.

This is the same questions many Nigerians are asking and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is not sparing the authorities.

The idea of stealing the mace also shows that senators and other prominent Nigerians in sensitive public positions need to learn a few things about being role models to the youths.

NANS spokesman, Bestman Okereafor, in a statement in Enugu on Thursday, noted that the Senate invasion was a mockery of Nigeria’s democracy and a bad precedent for Nigerian youths.

“The leadership of NANS received with dismay the news and video currently in circulation about the invasion of the Nigeria upper chamber and subsequent snatching of the Senate’s mace and symbol of authority.

“NANS see this as a pure mockery of the nation’s democracy and no doubt a disheartening precedent for Nigerian youths at a time when the youths are gathering momentum to take up leadership positions at different levels in the country.

“NANS is calling on the present senators to serve as role models to Nigerian youths by consistently conducting themselves in a manner expected of good leaders.

“Senators should not conduct themselves in a manner capable of destabilising the democracy been enjoyed in the country,” he added.


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