Sexual healing Sexual healing, Classic

Yeah, Onetime

One Time, One Time

Burst Brain

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah




Omo E Don Tey Wey I Dey Don Buzz You

You Know I’m Busy I Dey Hustle

And Every Day, I Dey Think All About You

You Know I Miss You

Baby I Dey Tell You

I Just Wanna Romans Your Body

Romans Your Body

Forget Laureata,

I Need Your Loving

Baby, I Need Your Touching



Baby You’re Sweeter

I Wanna Have You Every Day

But You’re Bad For My Liver

Ahh, Ahhhh,

And When I Get This Feeling

I Want,

Sexual healing, Sexual healing



So Baby Boy I’m Coming Over, Over

I Tell You Say My Baby Me I’m Coming Over, Over

You Got Me Coming Over, Over

So Baby Me I’m Coming., Over, Over

Over Ahh

Labalabalaba Eyeahh. X 8