Many adults still think that the only parts of the body that can produce sexual arousal and pleasure are the obvious ones – the genitals and nipples.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there many other body parts that can actually lead you to orgasm even before you start having sex. 

Let's talk orgasms

Read on to find out 5 erogenous zones in your body that also need attention during foreplay.

1. Neck

Studies have revealed that in both men and women, the nape and the back of the neck are some of the major erogenous zones. According to experts, the neck is very sensitive to gentle touch, particularly among slender people. This is one part of the body that turns on even people with spinal cord injury. 

2. Ears

Just like the neck, ears are very sensitive to light touch. This could probably be because our ears contain several nerve endings. We may not quite understand the science behind this, but don’t leave out your ears during foreplay. 

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3. Scrotum

For men, the scrotum is one of the most notable erogenous zones. This area is extremely sensitive to touch due to the numerous nerve endings surrounding it. It’s up to you and your partner to figure out which kind of touch produces the best sensation, so find out during your next making out session.

4. Perineum

This is the area between the scrotum and anus. It is loaded with perineal nerves that transport sensations and vibes of sexual pleasure to the brain from the genitals. This is one erogenous zone that is not very popular, but it is ‘potent’ enough to cause orgasms even before penetrative sex begins.

5. Nipples

Okay, everyone knows that women are quickly aroused if their nipples are stimulated, but do you also know that male nipples produce that same feeling? So if you’re wondering why God even bothered to give men nipples, this could be your answer. They are packed with nerve endings that respond to touch.