Early last week, an unidentified couple became the talk of the town when they were photographed together, making out in a mall in Lagos. People's reactions to the photo ranged from surprise, to disgust and even outrage.

But seriously though, why do Nigerians still have a problem with public display of affection? It wasn't like the couple was disturbing anybody in particular - they were just enjoying each other's company in a public place. Abi is it written in the Nigerian constitution that adults can't make out in public? 
If we'll be honest with ourselves, this couple's private moment became news because some Nigerians just don't know how to mind their business because they love gossip.

If that scene had happened anywhere else in the world, people would simply walk on without even giving the couple a second glance because showing affection for someone you care about deeply is normal and acceptable, as long as the couple in question aren't doing anything indecent like stripping naked or having sex in the full view of passers-by. 
We Nigerians claim to be 'exposed' and up-to-date with the times, but our pettiness and love for juicy amebo will not allow us overlook something as basic as a couple kissing in public. In Lagos, of all places! And to think that this silly issue even made it to our radio stations and people were calling in and having an actual debate about it. Chai!

Fellow Nigerians, let's grow up please and let us learn to mind our business. Taking a picture of that couple and posting it online for people to shame them was not only childish but intrusive as well.

Guys, it's 2018 and Public Display of Affection (PDA) should be as normal as rain and sunshine. We don't need to have a meltdown about this. It's no big deal!

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