The number one purpose of getting into a relationship is companionship; everything else is secondary because if you think deeply, you will agree that you can actually have all those other things without being in an exclusive relationship.

Sadly though, many people still get into relationships for the wrong reasons. Some people see their partner as a means to an end or the solution to certain problems they may have been going through before meeting their partner, and because of these ulterior motives, such relationships are doomed from day one.

A major problem that relationships face, particularly in Nigeria, is this misconception that a man should be the sole provider of a woman once they are in a relationship. Where this belief comes from is still very unclear. Should your man be your meal ticket and ATM? It doesn’t matter how rich the man in question is, after sometime of giving, giving and giving, he will get tired. Except of course if he gives you the money out of his own freewill and not because you ask him incessantly.
Some ladies have turned this into a career – their sole reason for dating a guy is in order for them to benefit from him financially. These are the kind of women that will announce to the world that a guy is stingy because he is unable to keep up with their endless financial demands. 

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A relationship should be 50/50. Both people involved should give to and receive from each other. That is the only way to avoid making one person feel like the cash cow of the relationship. As long as you can work and earn a living, please do so and stop depending on someone else to carry your financial load.

Also, as much as we like to be respected as women, let’s avoid any sort of behaviour that does not depict us as hardworking or loving. Yes, your man can assist you financially but don’t turn it into a do or die affair. Don’t let your love for “free money” ruin what could be a great relationship.