Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you realised that you have feelings for someone who is supposed to be just your friend?

If your answer is yes, then you will agree that it can be a very emotionally stressful position to find yourself in. 

How do you express your feelings to your ‘friend’ without scaring him/her away or looking stupid in the process?

Here are 4 useful tips you could use to convert your crush to your bae.

1. Use humour: Laughter they say is the best medicine, and believe it when we tell you that you can pass your message across to your crush under the guise of harmless humour. Make jokes about you two being a couple, and pay attention to his/her reaction. If your crush laughs or smiles about that joke, you may stand a chance. But if their response is something like, “No way!” or “God forbid!” then you know where you stand.

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2. Investigate: You need to literally become a detective and make sure you know the true relationship status of your crush. Are they ‘completely’ single or are they involved in a 'situationship' or a long distance relationship with someone else in a far off land? Finding these out will preventing you from looking foolish if your crush ends up telling you no, because they have someone else in their life.


3. Drop hints: So you have done your research and you’ve confirmed that your crush is actually single. It’s not enough to just joke about your intention because some people are naturally slow, and if that’s the kind of person you’re dealing with, then they may not catch on quickly until you spell it out clearly. Saying things like, ‘If you and I were dating…” or “You know we could actually be a couple if…” It’s almost impossible for anyone to miss such glaring hints.

4. Hang out alone: If your crush is a member of your community of friends, you might want to single him/her out for a date without the other friends in tow. This will give you an opportunity to know him/her better and be certain if you really want to have a relationship with that person or not.

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