Co-habiting before marriage can have several advantages

Depending on your religion, you may have been told that cohabiting before marriage is a no-no because it is wrong and sinful. Aside from religious reasons, some Nigerians believe that living together before tying the knot would lead to what we call “see finish,” which can be loosely translated in plain English as “disrespect”.

Let’s talk about the benefits of cohabiting with your partner before getting married.

No doubt, everything in this life has their pros and cons but for information sake, l

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1. Personal hygiene: A few days ago, a newlywed woman posted on a relationship blog about how her husband always had poo stains on his boxers and sometimes on the bed after they’d had sex. Upon confronting her husband about this, he told her a “real man” never goes between his butt crack no matter what. In other words, he can’t wipe his butt properly after using the loo because he believes he’s not supposed to touch his anus. How sad! The question on everyone’s lips was, “Didn’t she notice this before they got married?” When you live with someone, you will get to know all of their habits including the most disgusting ones; that way you can ask yourself if you can stomach these habits for the rest of your life or not.

2. Housekeeping: Some people are just lazy slobs who find it very challenging to keep their surroundings clean. They can tidy up their home whenever their significant other comes visiting but that’s as far as they can go. Living with such a person will give you a clear picture of what your future with them would be like – you’ll be the one responsible for keeping the house clean forever. 

3. Temperament: Many of the domestic abuse cases in marriages that we hear about could have been prevented. A man or woman who hits you when you’re just dating will not change after you get married. He/she will continue to hit you because if it happens once, it will happen again. Cohabiting gives you a firsthand insight into the mind and behavioural patterns of your partner that you would not experience if you only see each other under controlled environment or circumstances.

4. Sex life: Sex is an important aspect of marriage, and although we are told that sex before marriage is a sin, many people are biting their fingers in regret over this. A lady once discovered on her wedding night that her husband was impotent; when she went to her pastor to complain about the situation, she was advised to fast and pray over the matter. Well, she could have dodged that bullet had they gotten to know each other intimately before tying the knot.