A short while back, Nigerian social media and entertainment news outlets went wild with the viral news of a bride who slapped her mother-in-law on her wedding day, in retaliation for being slapped by the woman.

In a society where elders are seen and treated as demigods, the shock and disbelief that reverberated nationwide at this news was expected. 

Couples should strive to iron out issues before walking down the aisle

According to an eyewitness at the event, trouble began at the wedding reception when certain VIP guests of the groom’s mother showed up when the food prepared by the groom’s side of the festivity had finished. In order to save face and avoid embarrassment, the woman went over to the bride’s side of the party to get food for her guests. 
However, the caterers had been instructed by the bride not to serve the groom’s side. The groom’s mom wouldn’t take no for an answer, and proceeded to dish the food herself. The bride got wind of this and marched up to her new mother-in-law, grabbed the plates of food from her and poured them back into the cooler where they were dished from. The groom’s mom then slapped the bride in anger and the bride returned the slap promptly.

This sort of fiasco is definitely the result of some pent up bad blood between the two women. Or else, why would she even think of slapping her son’s wife? And what gave the bride the guts to slap her husband’s mother? 

These questions lead us to two important issues you must iron out with your fiancé before you even consider walking down the aisle together.

1. How does your family feel about your fiancé?

If your family fight tooth and nail against you marrying the person you love, chances are that if you go ahead with your plan regardless of their feelings, they will always resent your partner and never respect him/her. Be sure that majority of your family and friends are in support of choice and decision, even though your happiness is important too. Find out why they are against your choice and see if you can win them over, but make sure there is no overflow of negative emotion towards your spouse.

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2. Is there a budget for the wedding?

Many Nigerians still haven’t cultivated the habit of setting aside money for their wedding and sticking to it. Don’t invite 300 people and cater for only 200. Remember that Nigerian wedding guests always like to show up with a plus one or even two, so you need to have that at the back of your mind when planning. This will prevent the drama of food getting finished while guests are still showing up, and ultimately prevent a war between people who should be celebrating.