Many Nigerians have a love-hate relationship with sex; we love to do it but we hate talking about it.

Even in 2018, talking about sex openly will earn you a truckload of criticisms from your listeners. No wonder in this time and age of civilization, many Nigerian adults still believe in certain myths about sex, even though there are no facts to back up these ridiculous beliefs.

As funny as it sounds, a large number of people still firmly believe that having oral sex will cause them to experience bad luck

Read on to know some of the common (and laughable) sex myths that some Nigerians believe to be true.

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1. Oral sex brings bad luck: As laughable as that sounds, a large number of people still firmly believe that having oral sex will cause them to experience bad luck in their careers or businesses. The most ridiculous part of this is that it applies to men only – that is, if a man performs oral sex on a woman, he’s in danger but if a woman gives him a blowjob, there is no problem. Ugh!

2. Uncircumcised women are promiscuous: This ignorant belief is the reason thousands of women have been mutilated in this country. Unfortunately, cutting off a woman’s clitoris does not and cannot prevent her from being promiscuous. Sexual urges begin in the brain, not in her private part. 

3. Girl on top is disrespectful: As far as some Nigerian men are concerned, a woman ‘riding’ on top of them during sex is simply disrespectful. As the ‘head’, he alone should always control things in the 'other room', anything else is unacceptable. Well…Dear Manly Man, sex has nothing to do with respect, so please change your mindset.

4. Anal sex makes you gay: Sadly, even educated Nigerian guys believe this. How can having anal sex with a woman make you gay? People still don’t understand that being gay goes way beyond sex. Sexuality is first of all a psychological thing, so you’re either gay or you’re not. Anal sex is not reserved for a certain group of people only. 

5. Pregnancy sex is unhealthy: Pregnancy sex is 100% safe and healthy except the pregnant woman’s doctor says otherwise. This shady belief is the reason why some men feel they’re justified if they cheat on their pregnant wives because they don’t want to hurt the unborn baby. How silly!