Sometimes in a relationship, the telltale signs that your partner is being unfaithful to you can be as glaring as a neon sign that even a blind man can see them.

But there are some cases where one can miss these warning signs because they’re so subtle and almost unnoticeable.

However, you can be the clever one too and keep your eyes open to spot these ‘slippery’ warning bells. Read on to find out 4 of these subtle signs of infidelity.

1. No access to their electronic devices

If your partner’s phone or tablet or laptop suddenly becomes a no-go area with heavily encrypted passwords, then know that something is seriously fishy. Especially if you used to have free access to those devices or if s/he still has complete access to yours. If you still have access to the devices but notice that their chat and call history are almost always erased, that’s a red flag too.

2. Change in attitude

When your once lively or talkative girlfriend or boyfriend becomes close mouthed even when both of you are alone all the time, something’s up. Unexplained mood swings is another telltale sign – one minute s/he is in great spirits, chatting with you or just enjoying your company and the next minute, this same person is snapping at you for flimsy reasons. And then it’s like both of you just can’t seem to get along anymore without fighting over everything and nothing.

3. No access to their financial activities

When your partner starts becoming tight-lipped about their spending, you need to raise an eyebrow and find out why. This could be because s/he has been using money for certain things that they cannot openly admit or explain to you, so the best way to keep these activities hidden is to block you away from having any access or knowledge of their finances. If your partner claims to be broke all the time, then you know something is going on somewhere.

4. You are accused of cheating

This is a reverse psychology technique to divert attention from the real culprit to you. So you end up wasting your energy defending yourself and trying to prove that you’re faithful, meanwhile your accuser is the one who has some explaining to do. Be wise.