In most relationships, sex is a normal part of the package. However, it should not be the only thing keeping two people together, because if it is, we can’t really refer to that as a relationship. That’s just two people being ‘Friends With Benefits’.

As a lady, if you start having any doubts about the category that your relationship belongs to, it could be because the sexual intimacy between you and your man is overshadowing other aspects that are even more important.

Let’s share with you 4 signs to look out for if you want to know whether your boyfriend is only with you for the sex.

Is your man really with you because he cares about you or he's just using you for sex?

1. He’s obsessed with your look

It’s flattering to be with a guy who appreciates your beauty and lavishes compliments on you. But it’s a problem if that’s all he admires about you as a person. Your intelligence or talents never seem to impress him, and you always have to literally force him to take notice of those qualities.

2. His conversations with you always become sexual

One minute you guys are talking about food, next minute he’s comparing you to the food in a sexual nature. Every of your conversations with him always have sexual undertones. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, somehow, something about sex will pop in the discussion.

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3. He gets angry when you refuse him sex

He finds it abominable that you wouldn’t have sex with him when he asks for it. As far as he is concerned, you must also be willing and interested in having sex with him whenever he wants. Saying no will drive him into a fit of childish tantrums and moodiness.

4. Hearing from him always feel like a booty call

Even if he says he just wants you guys to hang out, you already know deep down in your gut that it will eventually end in sex. Whether you meet at his place or yours, or in a public place, the rendezvous will surely lead to somewhere cozy where sex will be the end game.