Getting married is really huge step for couples. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating, but once you take that step into marriage, it becomes a whole new ball game.

However, before taking the plunge into matrimony, there are some very important issues that you and your partner must discuss and agree on if you don’t want to spend the rest of your married life arguing and butting heads.

Talk things out with your partner before settling down

1. Wedding plans: Gone are the days when wedding planning and preparations were left to the brides alone. Nowadays, all hands are on deck to make the big day a success, and that means involving the groom-to-be as well. Another reason why this is important is because the couple needs to agree on what is important that should be included in the wedding, as well as agreeing on budget to prevent overspending and ending up broke afterwards. 

2. Number of children: As Nigerians, we all know having children after marriage is like a no brainer – it is expected. So if you and your partner do decide to have them, it is necessary to discuss how many and how you intend to raise them. Will they school in Nigeria or abroad? Will you set up a trust fund for them as they grow? All these and more need to be fully decided before both of you even take your first steps towards the aisle.

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3. Accommodation: There’s no use planning a wedding when you don’t even have a place to live afterwards. Accommodation is one of the first things every couple needs to have settled before marriage. When choosing a home, remember to consider the proximity to your places of work and also try to settle for a place that is secure and decent enough for raising your child(ren).

4. Guests’ stay: Agreeing on how long family members can stay with you on their visits is extremely important. Would like for one or some of your in-laws to live with you for an extended period, or are they only allowed sleeping over on weekend visits and not longer than that? Both of you need to be on the same page on this one to avoid clashing over this issue repeatedly in future.