One of the biggest milestones of a relationship is deciding to cohabit with your partner. At this point, both of you completely trust each other and you are aware that living together is the best way to stay in touch and share every step of your life together going forward.

As exciting as this is, it’s a major decision that should be made with 100% certainty. You should realise that living with your boyfriend won’t always be rainbow and roses; therefore, you need to be really sure if that’s the best next step for both of you. 

In addition, there are certain things you need to be mindful of before you start packing your bags or rearranging furniture. Let’s discuss 3 of those thongs below.

1. You may have to share financial responsibilities

Chipping in financially from time to time could be inevitable when you two now live under the same roof. If you’re both gainfully employed, there’s no harm in sharing the feeding expenses, utility bills or rent between yourselves. Except of course, if your boyfriend opts to handle all that by himself.  

2. Have a conflict resolution tactic

Conflicts are inevitable in relationships. Both of you aren’t robots, so there will be times when you wouldn’t agree with each other on certain issues. When that happens, how do you settle the problem without turning it into World War III? Having a conflict resolution method that works for both of you is a must – either by hashing out the issue immediately it arises or letting it simmer and talking about with. Just have a system that works for you so that your relationship continues to run smoothly despite your differences.

3. Sex may not be a regular thing anymore

This may sound a bit silly because you’re thinking, “When we live together, we’ll have sex like every day! After all, we’ll be sleeping on the same bed all the time.” Well, it doesn’t really happen that way (ask married people). Seeing each other every day could make you start getting bored with the sex thing. It’s like having an unlimited supply of snacks all day every day. So you may eventually have to schedule sex or plan some exciting getaway trips together to revive the sexual excitement between you two.

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