A lot of young couples get carried away with all the wedding pizzazz and drama, but forget to plan and prepare for marriage.
Weddings are fun and sweet, but marriage is a whole different kettle of fish. It isn’t always rosy or sexy. 

Without meaning to scare you, below are 3 hard truths nobody really tells you about marriage.

Marriage requires a ton of maturity in handling situations

1. It’s not always a smooth sail: We live in a society that is obsessed with perfection in everything including marriage. But don’t let all those romantic comedy movies fool you, marriage is not a “happily ever after” because it’s not a destination – it’s another journey of its own. There will be good times, hard times and sad times so you need to prepare your heart and your mind for those times to avoid being disappointed or disillusioned.

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2. It won’t fix your life: If you have some challenges in your life already, marriage won’t make them go away. In fact, marriage has a way of magnifying little things and turning them to major issues. If you were unhappy as a single person; meeting someone, falling in love and getting married may make you happy for a while, but reality will eventually set in. Marriage isn’t a problem fixer; it’s another phase of life entirely.

3. You’re marrying an entire family: Don’t deceive yourself into thinking your marriage will be “me and my boo only”. News flash – you’re actually marrying your spouse’s entire family as well. Your in-laws will become a part of your life as much as you will become a part of theirs. And this is why it is important to try and get along with them as much as possible because they’re now a part of your life for as long as your marriage remains.