Sometimes, relationships end abruptly due to a misunderstanding from one or both parties involved. It can be painful and emotionally draining when this happens.

Instead of feeling relieved and looking forward to the future, you find yourself feeling sad and regretting the loss of what was once a happy relationship. You feel like the situation can still be salvaged and things could still go back to the way they were or even better.

If you are convinced you still want your ex back and you’re sure s/he’s not already in another relationship, read these 3 clever tips on how to win him/her back.
1. Don’t contact your ex: This seems like an odd thing to do since all you actually want is to get back together with your boo and continue your relationship as if it never ended. But the wisdom in this is that, cutting off contact with your ex gives him/her a chance to access the breakup too and decide if s/he needs you enough in their life to reconcile with you. If your ex misses you, then s/he would probably contact you out of the blue “just to check up on you”. 

2. Hang out with friends and take pictures: Give the impression that you are living your best life without your ex. Hang out with your pals, take cool pictures and share them on social media so that your ex can see that you’re happy without them and that you’ve moved on. Take selfies with your biggest smile on and share them online – it’s a way of reminding your ex that you can do fabulously well with or without them in your life.

3. Never post any negative thing about your ex: Going online to tongue-lash your ex and bash him/her will only drive them further away and convince them that the breakup was actually a good thing. Do not also post any cryptic message that people would read wrong meanings to. In fact, don’t mention anything about the breakup. Give your ex a chance to reconsider things before you destroy your chances by posting ''deep quotes'' that will drown you and your online followers.

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