We all know appearance is everything sometimes. We want to present the best version of ourselves to someone we admire in the hopes of earning their respect and admiration. But sometimes, a little bit of exaggeration may be involved or even a flat out lie. 

As much as you'd like to be perceived in a certain way, when it comes to relationships, it's best to stick to the 'honesty is the best policy' mantra. This is because a relationship built on lies will not last and ultimately collapse under the weight of your dishonesty. 

With that said, let's discuss 2 lies you should never tell in a new relationship. 

1. Your age: Ladies particularly have this thing about slicing a couple of years off their age to appear younger to their new bae. But the trouble with this is that, this relationship could become serious to the extent that your guy may want to meet your family and at that point things could get dicey. You could still get away with this lie if you're an only child, but if you have older or younger siblings; chances are that your man could guess their ages, put two and two together and probably figure out your real age. Is the embarrassment worth it? After all, age is just a number. Why lie about it?


2. Your income: The need to appear 'bigger' than you are could lead you to inflate your monthly pay so that your latest squeeze will believe you're truly 'successful'. This is mostly common with guys and they usually get into trouble for doing this. Lying about your income is a recipe for wahala because your partner will have certain expectations and demands that are far above what your pocket can carry. Not being able to meet up would make you appear to be stingy when in truth; you simply can't afford those things. Why stress yourself like that? 
It's better to tell the truth and let your new partner accept you the way you are. If they can't, that's their loss but don't 'adjust' yourself for the sake of acceptance. It won't last long.

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