Barely two weeks after the dust settled on the #BergerToAjah drama on Twitter, another failed relationship hit the social media site with even more disturbing and gossip-worthy details. 

It all started when a lady went on Twitter to announce that her immediate ex had created a new Twitter account for the purpose of sharing her nude photos as a revenge for breaking up with him.

She claimed the relationship was becoming toxic and she couldn't continue with it, but her ex was being unreasonable and wanted her back, hence the threat to post her nudes. As expected, the said ex showed up to give his own side of the story, and man, did he bring receipts!

First, he began with a thread, explaining how he had "suffered" at the hands of his ex-girlfriend, endured her infidelity and verbal/emotional abuse for months. Then he shared screenshots of his chats with the lady to back up his claims.

And the comments began to pour in. People asked questions, pointed accusing fingers, offered advice, expressed sympathy and of course, jokes were made and memes were created.

Just when the drama couldn't get any more interesting, a Twitter handle popular for investigating infidelity in relationships tweeted at the young man in the middle of this saga, claiming that he actually begged another similar account to help him leak his ex's nudes. Evidence of this accusation was posted and the entire story changed again.

The guy instantly went from victim to villain in a few seconds. In his defense, the guy said he didn't go through with it and at that time he was hurt and still smarting from the break up. Oh well!

The question now is, why are young people of today so quick to air their dirty laundry out on social media? What happened to talking like civilised individuals and resolving conflicts amicably? Must everything go up on the internet?

The issue above only served to create some lasting impression about both parties; and these impressions may not be entirely correct. Plus people don't seem to realise that things like this could affect them in future - like when they're trying to get a job or when their kids grow up and see all that crap.

We need to be careful with what we put out there about ourselves, because the internet never forgets.

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