As usual, social media continues to supply us with daily talking points in the area of relationships.

The latest is a clear case of "awoof dey run belle", a popular Nigerian saying which literally means that freebies can sometimes get you in trouble.

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A certain guy shared a screenshot of his convo with his latest (prospective) babe, who was annoyed with him for embarrassing her and her friends during their last date together.

In summary, the guy asked her out on a date to a restaurant; she agreed but then showed up with her friends. He decided to be a 'big boy' about it and ordered food and drinks for all of them. 

As if that wasn't enough, the 'committee of friends' went ahead to order take away packages for themselves, expecting the guy to pay. Well, he paid for what he ordered and walked out of the restaurant, leaving the ladies stranded. So, the lady later buzzed him on WhatsApp to call him out for doing so, saying  he should have paid for her friends' extra packages because they were the ones who encouraged her to even go on the date with him.
This sort of scenario isn't new in Nigeria because some ladies are in the habit of bringing friends along on dates; and the sole purpose of this is to eat and eat till they’re bloated, not minding whether the guy can afford to pay for their ravenous eating or not. This is not only childish, it is also gluttony. 

Why do some ladies act like they've never seen food before? Some of them can't even afford to take themselves out to eat, but when a guy does, they simply want to "eat and quench" as if they would never go hungry again. This kind of shameful behaviour needs to stop.

Why tarnish your image over something that would turn to poop the next day? Why should you even bring your friends along on a date? How will you talk and get to know the other person while your friends are sitting there, probably yapping away like a bunch of parrots? 

Dear Nigerian ladies, biko respect yourselves. Don’t disgrace your lineage because of free food!