A new relationship can be as sweet and heady as fresh palm wine – you are so happy and you just want the whole world to know it.

As much as you want everyone to know how awesome your relationship is and how wonderful your partner is, there are some very delicate info about your relationship that shouldn’t find their way to social media at all.


1. Sex-ish pictures of you two: You guys have a fabulous sex life – we get it! However, nobody really wants to see pictures of you and your partner getting down to business, or kissing or smooching. Keep that bit of your relationship to yourselves and offline. That’s TMI and absolutely unnecessary. It will put off many of your followers and make them see you as an attention seeker. Don’t do it!

2. Your partner’s personal details: Sharing your man’s house or office address, mobile phone number or personal email address is an absolute no-no. You may unknowingly be exposing him to danger and also giving some thirsty girls out there an opportunity to seek him out and attempt snatching him from you. Why would you want to turn the table on yourself like that? Keep yours and his info off the internet.

3. Nasty jokes: Every couple has their in-house jokes that can only be understood by both partners. Sharing lewd or cruel jokes about your man online may make you seem mean and disrespectful. Both you and your partner are well aware of the context of the joke, but everyone else doesn’t and they may have a really bad impression about you or how you treat your man. 

4. Lover’s spat: There is no perfect relationship; therefore, it is normal for you and your man to disagree every now and then. What isn’t normal or acceptable is you going online to announce it and even give details. You’ll most likely tell the story from your point of view which may not be entirely correct. This leaves a kind of (biased) impression about your man on everyone’s mind, which isn’t right. When you two reconcile, will you go online to repair the damage you’ve done to your partner’s reputation? 

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