Nobody goes into a relationship expecting it to collapse; everyone goes into it expecting and hoping for the best. 

However, there are some unhealthy habits can destroy a relationship faster than anything else. Read on to find out what they are.

Avoid keeping scores, it can be frustrating for your partner

1. Fighting in public: Nothing can be more embarrassing than a couple arguing with each other in public. Aside from creating a bad impression about them, it would equally make people around them feel uncomfortable. Whatever differences you have should be resolved in private without the whole world listening and watching you berate each other. Respect yourselves and keep your problems away from the public.

2. Trying to change your partner: Nobody is perfect, so expecting perfection from your partner is unrealistic and unachievable. If you can accept him/her with their flaws and all, then you have no business being in a relationship with that person. Trying to mold your partner to become a certain kind of person will make him/her resent you and pull away from you emotionally, and later physically.

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3. Keeping scores: Refusing to forgive your partner and dredging up old wrongdoings will only create unnecessary tension in your relationship. Once your partner has apologized for a mistake and you know that they’re genuinely remorseful, the best you can do is to forgive them and let the matter go. Don't box it up and wait for him/her to offend you again so that you can remind them about doing something similar before. It’s a very childish thing to do and it will eventually drive your partner away if you don’t stop it.