A couple in love can be so intoxicated with each other that they always want to be together at all times, acting like Siamese twins joined at the hip.

As much as this can be very adorable, particularly at the beginning of the relationship, as time goes on, this excessive need to be together at all times would eventually wear thin.

It's important that married couples understand the need for some space every now and then.

That does not mean the affection for one another is gone, it simply means both partners have realised that they are actually two individuals who can and should have their own separate lives despite being in love.

Okay, the bottom line of all that big grammar is that as a couple, it is 100% fine to have hobbies that don’t necessarily include your partner. You can still be an independent human being in a healthy relationship.

With that said, let’s go further to discuss 3 things you and your partner don’t really have to do together as a couple.

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1. Hang out with friends: You’re no longer in secondary school so you don’t need your boyfriend to tag along whenever you want to hang out with your girls or when he wants to chill with his guys. This gives both of the time to get back in touch with the rest of the world and also have an enjoyable time with friends. Maintaining your friendships outside of your relationship gives you a healthy outlet to unwind.

2. Learn a craft:  Have you always wanted to learn something handy? You totally can even if it’s not something your partner is interested in. Learning a craft gives you something creative to do during your free time and may even become a source of income someday. These days, nearly everyone has a side hustle, and your new craft can be just that too.

3. Visit your family: It’s super cute when you go visiting your folks together as a couple, but you can also enjoy some ‘alone’ time with your family without your significant other in tow. It’s simply a way for you to bond with your folks since you don’t get to see them all the time.