Let's know where to draw the limit in the new year

If you are reading this right now, it means you made it to the New Year so first of all, congratulations and welcome to 2019!

Every new year always comes with its own kind of freshness and ‘newness’, so it’s normal for you to be so super excited that you’d want to share every detail of the moment with everybody.

However, there are certain kinds of info you might want to keep private especially if it concerns your relationship with your spouse or significant other. 

So read on to know 3 relationship TMIs (Too Much Info) that shouldn’t go on your social media feed this 2019.

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1. The lovey dovey stuff you do with each other: Ok, so you and your partner are head over heels in love and you both feel like you’re perpetually walking on sunshine – good for you! But please don’t hurry off to update all that mushy stuff online; things like pet names, intimate jokes, naughty pranks and confidential conversations should remain between the two of you. Sharing this information with everyone else takes away the 'specialness' of those little private details that make your relationship unique.  

2. Your kiss fest: Once again, we realise you’re in love and surely, there are people who are genuinely happy for you but you don’t need to get in their face with your display of love for your partner. Sharing pictures of you and your significant other locking lips or smooching may seem cute to you but it could come off as irritating to your online friends. And you definitely won’t earn points with lonely hearts out there who might come across your sexy-oh-so-in-love pictures and feel even more miserable than they already are.

3. Every single thing: It’s cool to share random pictures of you and your partner hanging out or at home on social media every now and then, but it becomes sort of problematic when you feel the need to post every single thing that happens in your home all day on social media. That’s like you literally suffocating your online friends with information that is practically useless to them. Flooding your feeds with minute by minute photos and videos of what goes on in your household just for likes won’t do you any good.