There was a time when sending naughty pictures to your boyfriend was cool and stuff, but these days, doing that is the same as inviting trouble into your life. Simply put, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

Recently, a popular blogger and social media enthusiast with hundreds of online followers was literally caught in a scandal involving himself and a young lady whom he had been soliciting nude photos from.

Sending nudes is never a good idea as it can very easily backfire

What started as harmless fun, later turned into a disaster after the lady in question decided she was done with sending her nudes to the guy. He then threatened to leak her pictures online, which prompted her to blow the alarm on him.

If that isn’t enough to discourage you, read on to find out 2 main reasons why sending out your nude photos will always be a terrible idea.
1. The pictures could be sold without your permission: Except you and the receiver of your picture both signed an agreement that forbids him from selling your pictures to anyone without your permission, nothing stops him from doing just that. Some unscrupulous men have made money from selling pictures they got from unsuspecting girls to porn websites. There is no telling how far those pictures can go and the number of people who would view them. It’s even worse if your face is included, because someone who knows you may seem them and draw a negative conclusion about you, not to mention the embarrassment that could come from such a move.

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2. It’s a free-for-all viewing: You think you’re sending your picture to one person, but he could be showing them to his friends as well. Imagine how humiliating it would be to find out that people you don’t really know have already seen your nakedness. Next time they see you in person, it doesn’t matter how many layers of clothing you wear, all they can see when they look at you, is your naked body because the image is already imprinted in their mind. Nobody deserves to be repeatedly embarrassed like that. 

There are several reasons why sending out nudes is wrong, but these two points explained above is enough to discourage you from doing it. It doesn’t matter if the guy is your boyfriend or that you trust him, things can go sour between you two and he could try to punish you by posting your nude photos as revenge porn. So don’t do it!