It’s so annoying to hear some guys groan about feeling like they’re being pressured to marry their babes. It’s even more irritating when any of such guys has already proposed marriage to his babe.

Most women do not want to become a 'Lord of the rings' - that is, be in a long-term relationship that doesn't have marriage as an end goal

Like seriously, why not just walk down the aisle already, abi what else are you waiting for? Why did you put a ring on her finger if you’re not ready to be married to her any time soon?

It’s very common these days to see couples getting hitched after only a few months of dating, and in many cases, the ladies were the ones who literally nudged the men unto that path. That’s exactly why you hear some guys complain that dating Naija chicks is risky because they all just want to get married.

Well, that point of view is seriously flawed because there are always two sides to a story. We have all heard heartbreaking tales of young women who dated the men they loved and hoped to marry for many years and still got dumped for someone else after the long wait. 

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It’s a different case if both of you never intended to get married to each other so it’s clear that you’re just hanging out for the time being. But if you have to go to the elaborate extent of buying a ring plus a dramatic proposal, you might as well get on with the whole bit and marry the lady. Or is the ring a handcuff tying her to you for as long as you want?

Speaking on this particular issue, OAP turned businesswoman, Toke Makinwa had this to say on her latest vlog about long-term relationships; “I do not understand why you should date someone for more than two and a half years...I feel like if you meet someone, two years is decent, two and a half years is decent. By three years, it’s like ‘what again are you trying to find out?’”

She goes on to say; “What didn’t you find in the first and second year? By 10 years, it’s like ‘are you the Lord of the Rings?’ I can say this because I have been in a long-term relationship, so I can tell you how I feel about it…I feel like often times, long-term courtships do not translate to a happy marriage.”

Need we say more? Nigerian women are simply tired of men who take years to decide whether they really want to get married or not. So if after one year of dating, your babe brings up the marriage issue, you should have a definite answer for her. Don’t be a time waster.