Johnson Ngwuta, a man in his mid 40s, was nowhere to be found for two days.

A search was conducted and he was later discovered lying helplessly inside a bush, with flies and other insects hovering round his mouth.

Johnson is a heavy drinker, who spends so much time at local alcohol joints, getting himself high.

His wife, Elizabeth Ngwuta, told Bounce News she was ashamed of her husband's attitude, adding that the whole residents of Hill Top Street in Abakaliki have known him for his excessive drinking.

She said every morning, she would go looking for her husband, and would often find him either at his drinking joint or close to the house.

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But she had to go extra mile after her husband left home on Wednesday, and was nowhere to be found until Friday morning when he was spotted in a bush side.

According to her, she was tired of the marriage, but had committed her life to God.

“My husband has turned me to a laughing stock in this Hill Top Street. I do not know what else to say.

“Why I decided to look for him is that after he left home on Wednesday, he did not come back, and should anything happen to him, I will be the first person to be queried.

“He has stressed me on this one. Before, after drinking he would come home. It is either he sleeps at the backyard or his drinking joint, but in this case, I found him inside the bush lying helplessly.

“What if he was attacked or died there, I would be held responsible”, she lamented.

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