Although very many people, especially Africans would risk death to be in London or New York; it is not a safe haven as presumed.

In fact, one is more likely to get killed in any of these cities than anywhere else in the world.

Before now, the American city of New York used to take the lead in murder rates across the world, but London has gradually taken over.

The city of Big Ben and overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history as the British capital dealt with a surge in knife attacks.

According to the Sunday Times, more people are being murdered in London.

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Both cities are very diverse with large populations: London has over 8.7 million residents to New York’s 8.5 million.

In March, according to the British publication, there have been 22 killings in London versus 21 in New York.

A massive decline in crime has helped to transform New York City: In 1990, 2,245 people were murdered.

Last year, however, that number dropped nearly 90 percent to 290 murders.

The total number of murders in London has fluctuated over the years, but it’s risen by 38% since 2014.

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