We are still on the news of Tekno and Lola Rae welcoming their first child.

You should have known the matter would stay with us for a while after criticisms of Lola Rae’s status hit social media with Noble Igwe taking the lead.

The following comment is clearly on the side of the latest mom and its coming from Big Brother Naija star, Uriel Oputa.

This is in response to Noble Igwe's tweet:

People are saying why did Lola Rae get pregnant she's now a baby mama... No she's Mother... All those people looking Down snubbing her... I'm sure if she reached out to you for anything music related you would have posted her!! Maka she's not trending currently. Biko my sister look after your baby well Nobody chooses blessings

The music industry is hard, when I went for sponsorship my bum was on the menu... ahhh.

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I was an upcoming artist but after they cut my microphone during a show I forgot my lyrics.. I ran for my life, I even forgot my shoe.

This is not a shade on Noble Igwe because we are cool (he used to post my songs for free) I've heard so many people say she's should face her music... .erm she did I don't think she's done.

I'm sure her after baby body will be lit.. just look at Tiwa

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