Life is getting worse for residents of Lokoja and its environs.

Still grappling with the loss of their properties to flood, the excessive dampness of electricity poles in Lokoja by the continued flood water has added more agonies; denying residents power supply.

Felele, Sarkin noma and Kpata communities where river Niger cuts across has been thrown into darkness following the floods that have affected the power supply.

Other communities affected are Ganaja, 200 Unit, 500 Unit Housing Estate, State Assembly Quarters, and Adankolo respectively.

As a result, Greater Water Works Lokoja have stopped distributing water to homes which have made life unbearable for the good people of Kogi.

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The management of Greater Water Works, Lokoja said due to the flooding, the armoured power cable has been affected and could result in electrocution if no proactive measure is taken.

"We regret  to inform the general public that due to flooding, the armoured power cable taking power supply from the 33KVA line has been affected by excessive dampness and the dislodged chamber of the sedimentation basin is returning raw water back into the basin due to the level of flood water.

“We therefore had no option than to suspend operations until the flood water level goes down.

“We regret any inconveniences as this will adversely affect water supply due to flood water"

Other communities in Lokoja may also suffer blackout, and there may be scarcity of water in the state as the management of Greater Water Works is uncertain on when work will commence on the affected power cable as the flood level is not receding.

However, for safety measures, residents are advised to stay away from electric poles and avoid contacts with them for the time being.

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