So, Olamide Adedeji a.k.a Baddo and Keshinro Ololade aka Lil Kesh have just dropped a new song titled: ‘Logo Benz.’

They must have thought this would be an end-of-year banger, but it is looking like an end-of-year goof.

The controversial track has provoked several Twitter users who have expressed displeasure at the lyrics seemed to openly endorse Advanced Fee Fraud (aka Yahoo scam) and money rituals.

The song opens with the lyrics, “If money no enter, I go do blood money” and has a recurring chant of “A fe ra Benz’ (we want to buy Benz).

Most fans pointed out the impact of songs in the society and cautioned artists to refrain from using their platforms to promote societal ills in any form.

@AyoBankole tweeted, “Logo Benz. No melody. No depth. No message. Just a shameless promotion of ritual killings; desperation for money at all costs, including human blood.

“This is filth. Olamide and Lil Kesh didn’t just go beyond the line, they landed in the dustbin of history’s trashiest artists.”

@Yung_stunning said, “Literally, Logo Benz song by Olamide was a nonsense song that urges ritualist to be swapping girls for Benz.

“The song should be ban before it gets out of hands. Sometimes our artists don’t know how powerful they are and the message they disseminate to the people.”

@Chidoziewilson wrote, “Am I the only one thinks that the logo Benz song is going to create an avenue/excuse for these ritualists and self-acclaimed yahoo boys to intensify their struggle to keep using human beings as sacrifice.”

They further condemned the latest song trends that appear to endorse illegal money-making schemes. Victor AD’s ‘Wetin We Gain’, 9ice’s ‘Living Things’ and Chinko Ekun’s ‘Able God’ were listed as examples.

@Osascruz said, “From “Living Things” (Fraud). Wetin we gain (any you make it, just make it) Able God (Fraud/Yahoo) Logo Benz (Ritual) The trend will continue because such songs blow faster.”

@Ani_nomso tweeted, “It went from Olu Maintain’s “Yahooze” to Kelly Handsome’s “Maga don Pay” then down to 9ice’s “Living Things” & Now Lil Kesh’s Logo Benz.

“From “If i hammer” to “i go do blood”, its only get worse as we continue normalising fraud.”

The new track by the former labelmates was produced by Rexxie.

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