Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin has got a new Range Rover car from her 'Sugar Daddy'.

The Nollywood screen star, who has once described most women as being witches, stingy and heartless, made this known on her Instagram page.

"That moment when your Sugar Daddy keeps surprising you with things that is bigger than you  ... He keeps spoiling me as if I have no rival , He loves me tori torun... When I am afraid of doing it big(because I know I'm a small girl) .

"He loves giving it to me in a bigger formand that is why I will never hold back to give it to Him in a grand style; trust me, I will raise my hand, bend down, kneel down and sit on it very well(I mean sitting on my praying mat and do my Salat very well)" she said.

"So, may God give me grace to do it regularly, bcos the Man in charge of changing my shame to glory doesn't take codeine at all...I have to thank my Sugar Daddy once again, obviously for the health, for the talent, for blessing and upgrading me from " RANGE ROVER EVOQUE to latest "RANGE ROVER AUTOBIOGRAPHY" because without Him I can never achieve this.‎..

"Oya let's expose our sugar daddy's name jooooor.. Mine is "HIGHEST CHIEF ASEGAN DOGO" what's yours??#weldonema #weldoneSugarDaddy#weldonefams‎ #Eganmidogo #SmallGirlWithBigBrainWithBiggestGod#FearlessDove #StreetChildWithPoshGod #WhiteDragon #LadyofSubstance #ZeroToHero #MyMotherLiveth #MySugarDaddyRocks #Yenukunmen" she concluded.


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