All is not well with the Kenyan Supreme court judges that annulled the first re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta as President in August.

Their lives are in danger as one of them had his bodyguard shot last week.

The judge has as a result asked for extra security, a request that the government has denied.

The court has been centre stage since it annulled an August 8 vote won by President Uhuru Kenyatta, citing procedural irregularities and ordering a repeat vote within 60 days.

The decision was the first of its kind in Africa. It angered some of Kenyatta’s supporters, who said the judges had thwarted the will of the people.

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Kenyatta won 98% of the vote in the October 26 re-run after opposition leader, Raila Odinga boycotted it on the grounds that it would neither be free nor fair.

His opposition party claims the election board had failed to implement reforms he sought after the court decision.

The Supreme Court had been due to meet on October 25 to deliberate on an eleventh-hour request to delay the re-run.

But the day before, the bodyguard of its deputy chief justice was shot as he bought pot plants beside a highway.

Only Chief Justice David Maraga turned up for the October 25 hearing. Without a minimum quorum of five judges, Maraga said the court could not make a ruling on the petition, paving the way for the election re-run to go ahead.

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