11:10am - Three people have been confirmed dead. State authorities say efforts are still being made to rescue other people trapped in the rubble.

9:18am - There are reports that at least 6 people are still trapped under the rubble. Efforts have begun to rescue them.

9:15am - One of the rescued people has been confirmed dead at a hospital where he was taken to receive treatment.

9:00am - We are continuing with our LIVE FEED from Ilasa Area in Lagos where a three storey building collapsed on Thursday.

7:02pm - We are also ending this LIVE feed for now. We will continue as soon as activities resume tomorrow. Our correspondent at the scene has been Tony Smart. We are also yet to uncover the identity of the individual or group that owns the building. Join us tomorrow for more insights on this developing story.

18:59pm - The collapsed building was a proposed 3 storey building expected to be used as a hotel. Whether or not the building was approved to have a third floor will be determined later. For now the lives of the victims are far more important.

18:52pm - The cause of the incident remains unknown. Residents in the area did not hear any load noise prior to the collapse which suggests it was NOT brought down by an explosive device.

18:49pm - Onlookers remain a problem for the rescue team. People need to stay away from the scene to allow their activities continue unhindered.

18:46pm - Our Correspondent Tony Smart is now speaking to a community leader in the affected area - Alhaji Semiudeen Alani Ramoni. He says when the project began about 90 days ago, he and other leaders approached the engineers at the site demanding to understand why they were in such a hurry to erect the structure. He says they claimed due process has been followed and all protocols were duly observed.

But at midday on Thursday just before 2pm prayers by the Muslims, they saw the building fold to 'one side' like a piece of paper in the wind.

18:42pm - state government officials are calling off rescue efforts for today. It is getting dark and the safety of the emergency officials is also a concern.

18:40pm - a brother of one of the victims narrates the shock and fear he felt when he received the news of the incident.

So far 15 persons have been rescued from a building that collapsed in Ilasa area of Lagos State.

The building under construction on Richard Abimbola Street came down in the afternoon on Thursday. Rescue efforts are ongoing but are also being hampered by the crowd.

Police officials are however at the scene making efforts to disperse them.

The General manager of the Lagos State Emergency management Agency, Adeshina Tiamiyu, said the number of trapped victims was yet unknown.

His office got a distress call at about 2:00 p.m, he told reporters.

He also confirmed that 15 persons have been rescued so far.

The last person rescued from the building appears to be in critical condition.

The cause of the building has not been ascertained but in the past, buildings collapse are usually linked with materials used in the building and negligence of policies guiding construction of buildings. 

ilasa building collapse
ilasa building collapse
ilasa building collapse