So, it is no longer news that China and Nigeria are friends.

It is in the spirit of that friendship that the Chinese government is asking Nigeria to adopt some of the economic models that made China a first-world country.

But with Nigeria’s form of government, it remains to be seen how Chinese economic model could be replicated here.

Specifically, the Chinese government is asking Nigeria to buy into some of its policies that began some 40 years ago to enable it to quicken the pace of development.

According to the Vice Director-General, Press Bureau, State Council Information Office, Beijing, Xi Yanchun, this could be achieved through integration and mutual understanding between both nations.

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Speaking in Beijing, she noted that if her country with a population of 1.3 billion people could continue to enjoy stability and economic development through effective policies, Nigeria with a lesser figure of 198 million people should equally be able to move forward if it adopts some of the policies that have made China tick.

Yanchun stressed that stability remains the magic wand that would enable every nation to develop through placing the interest of the people first as well as carrying them along in the scheme of things.

She said publicity of government activities and updating the citizens with positive reports in the true sense of the word were equally important.

She added that negative news nearly all the time could make the people lose confidence in government.

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