As the celebrations that come with the end of a year is in full swing, everyone is understandably on an inspirational high as Nigerians look towards the New Year.

Teni has thus formed her aspirations for the New Year and her gratitude for the outgoing year in her inspirational new song, "Uyo Meyo".

Teni had shared a clip of herself singing the song during her university graduation ceremony earlier this year.

The talented singer has finally released this full version, and it has Teni delivering strong vocals, switching between English and Yoruba.

On the track, she's thankful for her 2018 achievements and sings about her plans to reach greater heights going forward.

She also encourages listeners to strive to be better, which is always a lovely message to pass on.

Teni maintains her usual goofy energy, even with the song’s more serious message, and gives music fans a propeller that will push them through all the celebrations into 2019.

Listen to "Uyo Meyo" right here:

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