Nicki Minaj has comfortably added ‘gospel artiste’ to her bio.

The rapper features on Gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s song, ‘I’m Getting Ready‘.

The 'Pinkprint' rapper collaborated on an unforgettable 8-minute victory song in which she rapped about over-persecution she endured in recent times and how she has succeeded in rising above all of them.

“I serve a God that parted the Red Sea / Multimillion dollar commercials for Pepsi / From food stamps to more ice than Gretzky / I don’t gotta talk, the Lord defends me / I watched them all fall for going against me / Me and all my angels shot the devil up / While you was trying to pull me down, I leveled up,” she rapped in the song.

This is Nicki’s first gospel attempt and her verse is getting love from fans and non-fans.

Listen to her verse below: