Nigerian musicians are not necessarily popular for being great lyricists, but a few have still managed to write lines that capture the things happening in society or sometimes even influence them.

Whether it was with the introduction of new dance steps or their dominance of the airwaves, these songs stayed with us through the year.

From Olamide acknowledging the rise in drug addicts to Teni's hunt for a fake jersey, here are 6 Nigerian songs that defined 2018.

1.    Naira Marley ft Olamide ''Issa Goal''

"Issa Goal" was the World Cup anthem we deserved.

So huge and apt was this track that soft drink giant, Coke adopted this track as the World Cup anthem for their ads.

The song stayed on our lips and on the airwaves long after the World Cup and for good reason too, we all love to win.

2.    Chinko Ekun," Able God"

This 2018 song is on everybody’s lips from the saint in the Church to the Yahoo boy on the streets.

If you have never muttered this song under your breath, let's see your hand up.

One of the lyrics that stays stuck on your mind is ‘No more insufficient funds.’

Almost every Nigerian has possibly experienced seeing ‘Insufficient funds’ at an ATM machine when trying to withdraw cash, and would gladly follow Chinko Ekun to wish it away.

If only it was that easy.

3.    Burnaboy "Ye"

Burna Boy’s "Ye" has already been declared the unofficial national anthem of Nigeria as it captures the collective frustrations of living in the country.

Music fans have been drawn to the song because of lyrics like  "Plenty, plenty, plenty suffer wey we face/ Just to make sure money dey" and chants of "I can't come and kill myself."

Nigerians could definitely relate and can't stop jamming to the track.

4. Davido, "Assurance"

Davido makes you want to fall in love with the song “Assurance.”

On this song which is his biggest single of the year, he makes us all wish we had a partner giving us quality "assurance."

No one can forget the lines, "I give my baby assurance/I give my baby lifetime insurance."

Because of Davido, more women in 2018 were disturbing the men in their lives to give them some form of  ‘assurance’ of their love.

In the case of Davido, he bought a Porsche for Chioma and helped her get an endorsement deal.

5.    2Baba ‘Amaka’

There was a lot of baby mama drama for celebrities in 2018, from Wizkid to Davido to Mr MayD.

The baby mama drama stemmed from one place - celebrities love for women, which 2Baba freely admitted to in the song 'Amaka' singing - "I like woman, I dey straightforward.''

An example of this was when Wizkid had confessed during an interview, that he does not have one girlfriend, and can love many women at the same time.

This list might include the sexy Tiwa Savage who is almost 10 times his age.

6.    Olamide ‘Science Student’

Tramadol, codeine, marijuana, gutter water, skushies, monkey tail. The list of drugs, substances and mixtures abused in 2018 is heartbreaking.

It broke Olamide’s heart so much that he released a song titled ‘Science Student’.

But instead of the song to help fight drug abuse, it became an anthem for the drug abusers who went on to Christian themselves ‘Science Students’ after Olamide’s song.

Even though the song creates awareness of this deadly scrounge with a  memorable hook that had  lines like;
“Won ti po’mi gutter po, oju ti dirty/Won ti po chemical po, awon mo science students,'' the track drew the ir of many Nigerians who found the lyrics inappropriate.

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