She claims he raped her when she was 16 years old, and that was some years ago.

Fast forward to August 26th 2018, a TV presenter and model, Emilia Samuel went on Instagram to accuse, Theo Ukpaa, a filmmaker working for Linda Ikeji, of rape.

The lady claims he raped her when she was 16.

According to her, though he might want to deny committing the act, her fellow model colleagues who were working with her at the time can attest to the alleged rape.

According to her narration he had been working with the popular music TV channel, Soundcity at the time of the alleged incident.

Now three days after making this sad revelation, Theo’s employer, Linda Ikeji TV have sacked him.

Read their statement below:

"I personally wanted to let everyone know that Theo Ukpaa, who was Head of Programs at Linda Ikeji TV is no longer a staff of the company. His job with my company was terminated on Monday August 27th just a day after I read the heartbreaking story of Emilia Samuel.

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The public is therefore advised not to transact any business with him in the name of Linda Ikeji TV as anyone who does it, does so at his/her own risk.

Thank you


Theo Ukpaa has not responded to the allegations, and has deleted his Instagram page.

Read what she wrote on Instagram below in case you missed it:

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