It seems Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is planning to be President for life.

He recently signed a law that scraps a 75-year age cap for presidential candidates, a spokesman for parliament said on Tuesday, a move critics say will allow him to remain in power indefinitely.

Museveni, 73, has ruled Uganda for 31 years and could now stand again in the next election, due in 2021, despite increased public anger over corruption, human rights violations and poor social services.

Parliament, controlled by Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), approved the constitutional amendment on December 22 amid heavy security deployments across the capital Kampala and outside parliament.

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“It has been signed into law,” spokesman Chris Obore said, adding that the president had done so on December 27.

Museveni’s move quickly drew criticism from his political opponents, religious leaders, human rights activists and even some members of the ruling party.

Protests in September by opposition activists against the proposed amendment were quickly put down with detentions, teargas and beatings. At least two people were also killed.


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