Apparently, when you are in government, especially holding the post of the president, you see and perceive things differently from when you weren’t there or when you eventually leave.

Olusegun Obasanjo has tasted power two times, first as a military Head of State and secondly as a democratically elected president.

It is the tradition of Nigerians to respect anyone older than you, especially in age and for someone who is inching closer to 81, he sure would get attention when he speaks.

Obasanjo practically hand-picked and installed his successors - late Umaru Yar'Adua, Goodluck Jonathan and now Buhari.

Bounce News takes a look at four reasons why Nigerians respect and listen to Baba Iyabo.


Over the years, OBJ is no doubt objective in his criticism. He objectively and openly criticized former president Goodluck Jonathan in 2013 after he claimed the Goodluckers within the Villa refused to acknowledge his previous letters.

Obasanjo accused Jonathan of decimating the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) through his determination for a second term against earlier promises to serve one term.

He also accused Jonathan of driving the country to the precipice and allowing deceit, corruption and mutual distrust to tear at the fabric of the nation.

He has openly done same to Buhari and the content of the letter shows his objectivity and concern for the nation.


OBJ is not the only past Head of State or president of Nigeria, but his voice is often the loudest in each gathering and his opinions are based on facts.

Most past heads of state and presidents keep mum, and would say little or no negative thing about a sitting president for reason best known to them.

But Baba Iyabo is fearless and would express himself even at age 81 when most of his mates have retired to their fate.

The ex-president is prepared for any criticisms over his letter to Buhari and even prepared to give his life to fight a cause.

"I know that praise-singers and hired attackers may be raised up against me for verbal or even physical attack but if I can withstand undeserved imprisonment and was ready to shed my blood by standing for Nigeria, I will consider no sacrifice too great to make for the good of Nigeria at any time. No human leader is expected to be personally strong or self-sufficient in all aspects of governance."


He knows Nigeria and the intricacies that guide the nation's political history.

He is the only democratically elected president, who has ruled Nigeria for straight eight years. No experience could be better off.

He has ruled as a military head of state for almost three years after succeeding Gen. Murtala Mohammed on 13 February 1976.

He returned in 1999 as a civilian leader and ruled for eight years. He is in the best position to give advice and be respected.


In addition to all that we already know about him, Obasanjo in December 2017, bagged a Ph.D degree in Christian Theology from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

According to Reuben Abati, Dr. Obasanjo is one of the oldest Nigerians to date to bag a Ph.D degree, and probably the first to do so as an octogenarian.

It is not just his age that is noteworthy, but how his achievement is a significant ad for the value of knowledge and education, and how it makes him an even more interesting case study for the profiling of leaders.

He has never relented in improving himself, hence gaining more respect and relevance on the continent of Africa and across the world.

You are free to disagree o!

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