The Acting President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has sought the support of Nigerians in tackling corruption.

He believes that with best practices the problem of corruption would be solved.

While he insisted that corruption is in all sectors, he advised Nigeria’s anti-corruption agencies to learn from the international community, saying that the model some “less corrupt” countries are using to tackle corruption is working.

"Every arm of the society and government has been involved in corruption, but we should leave finger-pointing and look at models that work to deal with it.

Giving further insight into what he had done in Lagos as the Attorney General, the Acting President said: “I sat with judges to review their pay, and found out nobody can leave on it. So we gave judges houses and raised pay.

"Then we started to enforce rules against corruption on the bench. Within a year we removed 22 magistrates, 3 judges and changed perception.

"Before we took those steps, we had a survey that shows 89% corruption perception in Lagos judiciary. But that changed to 0% afterwards," he said.

Citing a statement made by President Muhammadu Buhari during campaigns that led to their election, he said: “If we don't kill corruption, it will kill us. So let us act before we die of corruption”.

This demand is coming after Justice Walter Onnoghen was confirmed as Nigeria's Chief Justice.

The confirmation by the Senate came weeks after Professor Osinbajo forwarded his name to the Senate for confirmation.