Nigerians have a lot of unhealthy habits when it comes to energy consumption.

They could be quite wasteful and the term 'energy conservation' does not exist in their dictionaries.

But the power generation and distribution agencies are equally unwilling to create a structure that ensures order, and the result is excessive waste on either side.

Experts in the field are worried and one of them is Energy Conservation Consultant, Mr Ayodeji Dada who spoke with Bounce News on Tuesday.

Living in a country that is barely able to generate enough power for one-third of its needs, he wonders why there is so much waste.

“When you do not have enough, should you continue to demand for more? You can use what you have to achieve what you want to achieve,” he said.

With the world paying more attention to issues of global warming and climate change, the issue of energy conservation becomes highly important.

But with the consumption habits of Nigerians, Mr Dada believes a proper measuring system is the first step to change the attitude towards energy consumption.

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“What you cannot measure, you cannot manage,” he said.

“Until we get it right as a country to measure, we will not be able to manage our power. What is the coverage of the DISCOs in terms of prepaid meters?

“Why are we finding it difficult to install prepaid meters for all users? That is the starting point of accountability.

“Why don’t we pay for what we use? Because we have been used to estimated form of payment. Why we don’t want to do this is what beats me.

“I believe it’s a win-win for both parties."

Mr Dada is a lead consultant with Stratagem Energy Management Company, a firm that helps energy consumers make the best of their energy budget.

He was speaking at a forum on how to minimize cost of energy for companies and individuals.


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