Youths in Bayelsa State, one of Nigeria’s oil producing States on Wednesday responded to President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments about some Nigerian youths sitting and not willing to do anything because the nation is an oil producing state.

Youths in Bayelsa State had thronged the streets in celebration of the 50th memorial event for a nationalist, Late Major Isaac Adaka Boro, on Wednesday.

Addressing reporters at the event, the secretary General of Ijaw Youth Council, Comrade Alfred Kemepado, gave a response to President Buhari’s statement, insisting that the youths from Ijaw clan were not lazy.

“Today is an expression of the fact that Ijaw youths are healthy. They are strong, they are skilled and they are not lazy.

“If northern youths are lazy, we are not lazy,” he insisted.

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He further pointed out that Ijaw youths had traits that other young Nigerians could copy.

“Nigerian youths should copy from Ijaw youths. They should be resilient, dedicated, focused and up their interest to take advantage of their resources,” Comrade Kemepado stressed.

He added that the oil belonged to residents of Niger Delta and saw no reason it should be controlled by persons in the north.

“We will not be here and persons from Sokoto will control oil wells here.

“We have to be included. The Federal Government has to come out with an all-inclusive policy to include us in the running of the economy of this nation,” he demanded.

While he addressed reporters, other youths around were chorusing; “we want true federalism”.

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This is one demand that usually pops up in Nigeria once an election is approaching and again this demand is gaining momentum this year.

From the west to the east and then from the north to the south, everyone is demanding a restructuring that will give birth to true federalism, but whether we will see another national conference, the kind that occurred few months before the administration of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, is what we will find out in coming months.