If you are lover of Apple’s iPhone series, you should enter September 12, 2017 on your calender.

On that day, the smartphone giant, will hold a press event to unveil its much-anticipated new iPhones, which are expected to introduce a whole new design and set the tone for the next few years.

According to The Guardian, unlike previous years, much is already known about at least one of the new iPhones.

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This is because of a large software leak from Apple that revealed several of its key details.

But new smartphones are not the only new thing Apple is expected to announce that day.

Apple has also built a big office called Apple Park and the event will be the first time non-Apple personnel will be allowed into that office in any number, giving the world a glimpse of the latest hallowed halls of the big US technology.

Apple is expected to announce a new design for at least one of its iPhones for 2017. While the details on the naming of the device codenamed “D22” are sketchy – it could be called the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, or perhaps the iPhone X if it is named after the Apple smartphone’s 10th anniversary.

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