On Thursday, June 14, 2018 it would be exactly two years since Nigerian veteran producer, OJB Jezreel passed on.

For the monstrous hits he made for several Nigerian and foreign artistes including himself, one would assume that revenue from his works must at least be paying the school fees of the eight children he left behind.

Sadly, this is not so!

His third wife, Korede Okungbowa recently released a video in which she called out friends and associates of the late OJB Jezreel, especially those he did business with to be more responsible.

The theme of that video at first seemed more like a call for support as she plans to host a second-year remembrance for her husband.

But Bounce News reached out to her and we realized there is a lot left unsaid by the beautiful Mrs OJB because most of the people who might be owing her late husband his rights are still friends.

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She revealed with disgust how many people who promised to fulfill their obligations to the dead producer have since gone mute with some even refusing to answer phone calls from the family.

On making the video she explained:

“I woke up and started seeing all these messages about Jigga’s remembrance, and I felt like almost two years now, we’ve not heard or received anything from his works and I have done my best to see what could come to the family as royalties from the songs he has written and produced.

“I felt if they cannot do the right thing, maybe we should let them know that it’s almost two years now.

“I needed to remind the industry that no matter how much they try to forget people when they die, OJB is not somebody to be forgotten.”

Mrs Okungbowa believes her husband would someday have an event like Felabration in his honour but believes that the industry needs to first see to it that his rights are not sat upon.

But really, shouldn’t OJB’s rights, if any, be coming from the record labels he worked with?

It is on record that OJB Jezreel worked with companies like OJ Music, West Side Music and Kennis Music during his life, any contacts?

“Your husband signed off his rights,” she was told by one, while another one said that they were as confused as she was wondering particularly where OJB’s caller tune royalties from telecom companies is being paid to.

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“Tu-face’ manager, Efe Omorogbe, told us that OJB has no rights to his works because he signed off everything, but we have not seen any signed document regarding that," she said.

How about the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), the organization responsible for ensuring that revenue from musical artistes’ works get to them while alive and goes to their family after their death?

“OJB was part of COSON but the last time I heard about COSON was when Jigga died and they were a bit supportive. Since then I have not heard anything from COSON.

“If the body is truly the one to collect (royalties) for the artistes, they should be the one doing all this job. So, what is COSON doing about OJB Jezreel’s albums, music and everything?” she asked.

Korede has been in the entertainment industry for quite some years, starting out as a dancer and has since built her own business and network.

It was while doing her job that she met, fell in love with and married the soft-spoken OJB Jezreel.

She revealed that since her husband died, what has made taking care of her children possible is the stability of her catering company, Kokomi Foods and artiste management outfit.

Now, looking at what her late husband’s intellectual assets have been reduced to, she has vowed that no artiste she manages will be allowed to walk that line of ignorance.

She has a passion particularly for music producers, appealing that they need to know that their production is a lifetime asset.

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