The daughter of late philanthropist, Moshood Abiola, Rinsola has applauded the National honour recently given to her late father by the Federal Government.

Rinsola who spoke with Bounce News in Ilorin at a youth conference which backed the ‘not too young to run law’ affirmed that good people they say will die but death will not kill their name.

She said: 'It is  never something to be  happy about, when one losses a parent's especially considering  the  circumstances that my father died and detain for four years before he finally died so while I was young I understood he was fighting for something, when he passed away but  still it was quite painful, and till this date it is, but with National honour given to him recently, it is the right thing finally being done after two decades however the democracy we enjoy now is because people like him were willing to pay the ultimate prize for it and to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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“I believe that should inspire us more than anything to ensure that we don't take our democracy for granted and we do everything within our power as citizens to safe guard what we have, he was a great father, he was a kind man, he was very generous, he touches lives and at every point he spoke out for what he believes in he stood up for what he believes in and despite the high price, he paid the ultimate prize for what he believes in so  my father was a courageous man he was brave he was an awesome family man and he was good to people."

Going forward, the daughter of late M.K.O advised the youth who have not gotten their permanent voters card to do so.

"The continuous  voters registration will close on August 17th,  if you are yet to register please go and do so we all need to be active participant in this process and the key way to actualize  your citizenship is to ensure that you vote; you decide who lead you, that is very important as young people we need to realise that representation matters, we need to get the best of us, into this office's support young people with capacity support candidate with capacity, engage to those who want to lead you, engage your leaders and ensure you demand accountability across the world" she said.

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