Although the Lagos state government has banned VIO and FRSC officials from state roads; its is not yet uhuru for their potential replacements LASTMA.

The internal cleansing of the agency has begun to reform and improve the agency.

LASTMA’s Head of Public Affairs, Mahmud Hassan, confirmed the dismissal on Monday.

"The management of the agency has dismissed 20 traffic officials and sanctioned 20 others for offences ranging from extortion, misconduct to indiscipline.

“The actions of those dismissed were considered not to be in tandem with the agency`s new philosophy, rules and provisions of the Lagos State Civil Service.

“The decision was taken by the Lagos State Civil Service Commission at the end of its Policy Meeting.

“The meeting considered the Minutes of the Personal Management Board (Disciplinary) of LASTMA and representations made by the traffic officials involved in the unwholesome acts.

“All the dismissed officials had been directed to hand over all government property in their possessions, including staff identity cards to the agency’s head of administration and human resources, immediately,” Hassan said.
He also said that 15 other officials were given letters of warning for minor misdemeanour.
He said that they were admonished to be more diligent, be of good behaviour and desist from any act that could be inimical to the image of the service.