The Rats have struck again and 8 people are dead.

The residents of Taka-Lafiya village in the Tudun-Wada Local Government area of Kano are sad and lassa fever is spreading.

District Head of Tudun-Wada Local Government and Dankadai of Kano, Dr. Bashir Muhammad Dankadai also mentioned it to  the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido.

“Three people whose condition was critical at that time were rushed to ‘Yar-Gaya Infectious Disease Isolation Center for further investigation,” he said.

“One of them later died in the hospital, taking the total number of casualties to five. Two other patients died again and the last victim died yesterday, bringing the total of death to eight," he added.

In response, the Emir of Kano encourage the villagers to maintain personal hygiene, and urged the state government to work quickly to curb the spread of the disease.