We know how bad it gets for motorists when an accident occurs on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Friday, January 5, 2018 was going to be another one of those terrible days for travelers and citizens resident in the Arepo, Magboro region of the busy highway

Same old story; an old rickety trailer got tired of dragging along its heavy burden of a fully loaded container and so it broke free while in motion.

The container fell off and blocked the entire road.

This happened around 1am and as expected help could only come in the morning when several cars had already hit the road.

The result? One of those demonic gridlocks.

But just when residents were thinking of how to avoid the route for the next 24 hours, a convoy of vehicles emerged from Lagos.

Men of the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA) Response Unit were coming to the rescue even though the incident happened in Ogun state.

With their giant mobile crane, supported by men of the FRSC, Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE), and the Police, they got busy.

Once they came, the entire region of the accident was cordoned off and in about 45 minutes they were done.

Don’t get it twisted, this was not a minor operation, but they were well equipped to every nail on their toes.

All said and done, here are the lessons we all learnt from this experience:

1. The synergy between Lagos and Ogun state, if further harnessed will make life more beautiful for residents of both states.

A top official of LASEMA who spoke with our correspondent noted that it did not matter to the Lagos state government that this was not their territory, they simply came to the rescue of Nigerians.

“We are all Nigerians, whether in Ogun state or in Lagos state,” he said.

2. Nigerians can be patient when they see hope. All motorists obeyed the agencies in charge by not going beyond the barricades and waiting patiently while the heavy liftings lasted.

When a government shows seriousness and responsibility, they will enjoy the cooperation of the people.

While the operation lasted, most motorist kept wishing Governor Ambode was theirs.

3. There needs to be tighter regulations in the approval of road worthiness for the heavy-duty vehicles that ply Nigerian roads.

A TRACE official told Bounce News that the accident was caused by the weakness in the body of the truck owing to years of rust unattended.

Imagine if this had happened during the daytime rush hour, it would have been another case of avoidable calamity.

The joy, however, is that no life was lost in the accident as the driver of the truck only sustained minor injuries.